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December 9 - 11, 2016
Discover The Proven Step-By-Step System That Shows You How To Build a Profitable Business 
Adam Ginsberg Has Personally Sold More than $45,000,000 Online. In Less Than 3 Years He Has Sold More Than $8,000,000 on AMAZON - AND IS NOW READY To Reveal His Secrets In This CLOSED-DOOR Internet Mastery Workshop
100 Events Per Year World Wide - Every Event SOLD OUT - Changing Live ONE Students at a Time
Let Me Show You What To Expect At The Upcoming Internet Mastery Workshop
From: Adam Ginsberg

Dear Friend,

I've traveled throughout the United Stated, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, Germany, France, Amsterdam and Indonesia teaching people how to use the internet to create financial independence.

Here is what I have found - there is a common denominator to success. It's not about how smart you are or how technology savvy you are. It doesn't matter what your background is or where you live. It doesn't matter where you went to school or what job you are currently working at. Success online, or making money using the Internet, comes down to one thing: being coachable.

The theme of the workshop is: 
"You Are Just ONE CLICK Away..."
You might be thinking "One Click Away from what?!"

Well, each of our students sell online for different reasons.  Some choose eBay, some choose Amazon and some choose both.

My guess is that you are just once click away from: 

• Financial Freedom

• Proving For Your Family

• More Time Freedom

• Serving More People

• Flexibility In Your Schedule

• Quitting Your Job

• Spending More Time With Your Loved Ones...

I created the Internet Mastery program as a Step-by-Step action plan that anyone can follow and when you join us at the workshop you'll get that first hand experience.

Here's the deal. Making money online can be either a business or a hobby. If you are looking for an online business in which you can work 3 to 5 hours per week and generate a $700-$900 daily income, come to the workshop. If you are serious about taking control of your freedom - your time, your family and your income, come to the workshop. If you consider yourself technologically challenged, you've never sold anything online, the internet scares you, you owe it to yourself to come to the class.
Imagine What's Possible When Your eBay & Amazon Business Takes Off!
If you want to maintain a lifestyle business with no hassle, no employees, low fixed operational costs and generate income from anywhere on the planet, then register now for the workshop while spots are still available.
These Are Just a Few Verified Monthly Snapshots of my Personal Amazon Seller Account
Everyone has heard of Amazon. Everyone has heard of eBay. Now it's your turn to capitalize on the $2,100,000,000 sold on the Internet each year.  Wouldn't you agree that sales online are continuing to increase?  If so, regardless of whether or not you sell online, people will continue to shop on the Internet.  Shouldn't they be buying from you?

You are reading this page because you are interested taking control of your financial future. Now it's time to take action. Now it's time to finally do something about it. Now it's time to make the change you deserve. Now it's time for you to be selling on eBay & Amazon. And, the first step to is to attend the Internet Mastery Workshop
Making Profits on AutoPilot on With Amazon & eBay Have Never Been Easier, and We Will Show You Exactly How It Is Done...

At the Internet Mastery Workshop We Will Take You By The Hand and Show You Step-by-Step How You Can Finally Make a Fortune Selling Simple Products That Will Generate a Long-Term Sustainable Income! 

Register For The Internet Mastery Workshop Today Before Every Seat Has Been Reserved - This Event WILL Sell Out!
Workshop Agenda
5:00pm Registration
5:35pm Doors Open
6:00pm Event Start Time
10:00pm Adjourn
9:00am Doors Open
9:15am Event Start Time
5:00pm Adjourn
9:00am Doors Open
9:15am Event Start Time
5:00pm Adjourn
At Internet Mastery You Will Discover 
Basic & Advanced Selling Strategies
 • How to Set Up an Amazon Seller 
 • Discover What is Selling BEFORE
   You Purchase
 • Learn How to WIN the BUY BOX
   Every time
 • Seller Metrics, What They Are & 
   How They Impact Your Business
 • Sourcing Using Clearance
 • Sourcing Using Retail
 • Sourcing Online
 • Sourcing Using Discount Stores
 • Sourcing Your Own Home
 • Creating Your Shipments Within 
 • Knowing How to Price Your Items
 • Preparing Items For Shipment
 • Packaging Your Shipment
 • Understanding Amazon Guidelines
Who Wants To Come To Maui With Us
In March 2017 we will be taking a small group of Internet Mastery students WITH US to Maui.

At the event I will reveal how you can come on this small mastermind with me and a few people in our community...

If you are able to come, not only will your life be changed forever, you will also be able to mastermind in an intimate environment with some of the top Internet Masters in the world...
Learn to Sell Amazon Products on eBay
You're going to discover a hidden gem that enables people to sell Amazon products on eBay. This means you never pay for an item until AFTER it sells, using the buyers money to pay Amazon.

This is real.  This works.  It's low budget (since you never pay for an item until after it sells), and is easy to learn.
Are You Ready to Automate Your Online Business?  Do You Want to Partner with Amazon
• Get Access to Amazon Prime Buyers (56 Million 
   in the US and growing)

• Unlimited growth as Amazon never runs out of space.

• Use FBA to win the Buy Box

• Automate shipping & customer service

• Sell your items at a higher price than competitors and still grab the majority of the sales

• Sell more AND be more profitable using Amazon FBA rather than shipping yourself.
Learn the Power of Private Label Product Creation
One of the highlights of the workshop is the section on Private / White Label product creation using Alibaba.  This series of topics will show you the steps necessary to create your own products, establish a brand and put in place a long-term sustainable income action plan.
Internet Mastery Will Show YOU How To 
Take Control Of Your Own Financial Future
The WORKER - Are you currently working at a 9-5 job paycheck to paycheck, with less month at the end of your money?  If this is you, and would want to fire your boss and become financially free, you will love what we are going to show you at the Internet Mastery Workshop...

The SELF EMPLOYED - Perhaps you have an income higher than most but have no time freedom as your tied down your job. Do you work overtime or even have a second job?  By attending the Internet Mastery workshop you will learn to move to the next level - in only 4 to 6 hours per week - which enables you to become...

The BUSINESS OWNER - Typically has overhead an employees. Your team, your business, your products are being established and your income continues to grow. You understand the benefits of having your own business. Here, Amazon and the Internet Mastery workshop will enhance your current business and move you to the next of success...

The INVESTOR - Congratulations - you have created financial independence. You earn a significant income with minimal effort, making your money work for you.  At the Internet Mastery workshop you'll learn how to leverage your time and money by making your money work for you for years to come.
Real People. Real Results.
"Starting from scratch, with no online selling experience, I've sold 501 items on Amazon for $20,025.02. I can't recommend Adam Ginsberg's Internet Mastery program strongly enough!"

Aaron Orr
"After working with my coach Corrinne, I've gone from 0 to $11,647.90 in just 30 days. If you are just getting started don't hesitate, just jump in with both feet and GO GO GO!"

Krystal McCutcheon
"Ben has been great! We love his coaching. We are looking forward to doing a lot more with him. We are mostly selling stuff from around our house, but, thrilled to have done overall over $1000 in sales in the last 30 days."

Amy Honey
"In my first week I have sold over $1426.88 on eBay. I can't wait to get started selling on Amazon and using FBA!"

Maureen Dobranski
My coach has done an awesome job guiding me through with ideas on how I can expand on Amazon. Amazon has been incredible and a unique way for me to earn additional income.. I love it!!!  I have sold 462 items on Amazon for a total of $27,231.33.

Howard Houston
I've made over 1,000 sales on Amazon.  When I started working with Adam Ginsberg and his Internet Mastery Team, I was brand new to Amazon selling.  Now I have sold over $19,032.19 and I'm just getting started!

Jeremy Hancock
What Do You Want?
Time? Flexibility? Freedom? Financial Independence? You DO NOT WANT A BUSINESS that:
• Works you to death

• Makes it so you could never see your family or travel

• Made managing returns and refunds a pain
BUSINESS That Would Let You:
• Take a dream vacation to anywhere!

• Walk your kids to school while everyone else is heading off to their jobs

• Experience the freedom to “do your own thing”

• Establish a good “emergency fund” of savings

• Have time to work on your own interests outside of business
At the Internet Mastery workshop I'm going to reveal the Secrets of Making Money on eBay and Amazon so that you can start immediately - Secrets that I have implemented to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and MILLIONS on Amazon.

In fact, what I’m going to reveal to you at the workshop will be downright SHOCKING on how easy it is to make a full-time income using eBay and alone. And the good news is, unlike a regular job where your employer determines how much he or she thinks you are worth, when you sell on eBay & Amazon you take control of your financial future! 

Without a doubt, what I will show you at the Internet Mastery workshop will be a treasure trove of Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Buying, Selling & Profiting on eBay & Amazon!
Do You Consider Yourself Technologically Challenged?  First You Need to be Informed - and then Transformed!
To be successful online you need a Mentor - someone to show you the step-by-step process to be success.

Register now for the Internet Mastery workshop and we'll show you how create financial independence with eBay & Amazon regardless of how technological you are!
Go ahead and reserve your seat today - this event will be 100% full and may be sold out if you return to this page.
Could you use an extra $4,000 - $7,000 per month working 3 to 5 hours a week?

Let Adam Ginsberg show you, step-by-step, how to effectively take photos, source products, ship items, and automate your business at this closed-door Internet Mastery event.

Amazon has sold more than 107,000,000,000 on the site in 2016 and now has 56 million PRIME members. The timing for Financial Independence has never been better!
You Are Just One Click Away...
So I'd like to end where we started...

You Are Just ONE Click Away...
One Click Away From...

• Financial Freedom

• Proving For Your Family

• More Time Freedom

• Serving More People

• Flexibility In Your Schedule

• Quitting Your Job

• Spending More Time With Your Loved Ones

I'm not sure when you will choose to sell on eBay, sell on Amazon or sell on both platforms...

But I DO KNOW, the people, and the tools that get you there, will all be in Phoenix, AZ on 
December 9-11, 2016.  

If you're ready to commit and go all in... then we are here, with waiting arms, ready to help take you where you want to go. 

But, NOW is the time.  

Seating is limited.

Every seat will be taken, again (62 workshops in a row)...

So, if you know that you've been called to be there... 

If you KNOW that you're just 1 click away, and you're ready to take that leap of faith...

Then get your tickets now and register to attend this event. They may not be here tomorrow. 
Adam Ginsberg is a powerful speaker sharing his inspirational story and personal experiences in a way that audiences around the world can relate to.

Adam's program is educational, entertaining and effective. He uses step-by-step techniques and strategies that relates to every audience. Adam Ginsberg is a bestselling author. His book, published by Harper Collins, "How to Buy, Sell & Profit on eBay" is the best selling published eBay book of all time...reaching the top #1 on and #1 on in less than 1 week of its release.

In today's economic climate, where it's more important than ever for people to take control of their financial situation, the Internet Mastery workshop is perfect for you. Adam has thousands of successful students all around the world including two of his most famous clients: Lou Ferrigno and Paula Abdul.

Adam Ginsberg routinely speaks at events with Tony Robbins, Get Motivated Business Seminars, Real Estate Forums, Internet Marketing Events and more. Adam has personally created the Internet Mastery Workshop and has shared this message globally at events throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia. He has appeared on television shows around the world and his publications have been read by people in more than 25 countries.
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